Please Note: The return time has to be the same time as the pickup time

Please, only choose Rugged Rentals when staying in an Airbnb, local residence, or any of our ZapMap charging partners below.  Do not book a reservation if staying at these 3 hotels that do not have charging on property (Reefs, Loren, and Cambridge Beaches).

We have only one pickup location located in St. Georges but often have cars at the hotels listed below. In the event we do not have cars at one of the hotel locations below we will provide delivery.

Delivery now available:  
– Delivery times are between 11am – 3pm
– Price includes pickup after rental. 
– Delivery upon availability

St. George, Hamilton and Smith: $50
Devonshire, Pembroke and Paget: $75
Sandys, Southampton and Warwick: $100.