Gem Rentals (Long Term)

The Gem is a compact, yet spacious option for your daily commute. Its range will allow you to travel the island close to 4 times and if there’s no access to any of our charging stations, then charge at your home from an outlet. Take advantage of the AC to stay cool in the summer.

  • Multi-day Rentals 
  • $175/day
    5% off for 7-day rentals,
    10% for 14-day rentals,
    15% for 21-day rentals,
    and 20% for 28-day rentals
  • Range
    93 miles (150km)
  • Charging options
    110v house outlet or 220v
    charging station
  • Bluetooth radio
  • Automatic windows
  • Reverse camera
Rugged Rentals Bermuda Gem

Where To Charge

Contact Us

    9 Penno's Wharf, GE02, Bermuda
    (441) 705 7368