Q. Can the cars seat 4 people?

A. No, by law in Bermuda, all rental cars are limited to 2 seats only. For families with 3 or more people, you must rent 2 cars or travel by taxi or bus

Q. Can the Hummers be rented longer than 8 hours per day?

A. Unfortunately, 9 am to 5 pm is the rental time for them.

Q. Are there any local rates?

A. The rates are the rates posted online.

Q. Do you offer delivery for the Hummers?

A. The Hummers are only 8-hour rentals and we do not offer delivery on them because of this. When the Gems are available, we will deliver them.

Q. Are you located in any other location?

A. Currently, we are only located in St. Georges.

Q. I am coming on a cruise, and we dock at King’s Wharf in Dockyard, how do we get to your location?

A. If coming on Norwegian, they provide a free ferry from Dockyard, and it arrives 200m from our location at 10 am. If arriving via another cruise line, the public ferry Orange Route leaves at 9:45 am and arrives 200m from our location at 10:45a