Q. Can the cars seat 4 people?

A. No, by law in Bermuda, all rental cars are limited to 2 seats only. For families with 3 or more people, you must rent 2 cars or travel by taxi or bus

Q. Can the Hummers be rented longer than 8 hours per day?

A. We no longer rent them, only the Gems.

Q. Are there any local rates?

A. The rates are the rates posted online.

Q. Do you offer delivery for the Gems?

A. We offer deliver when staff are available and delivery times are between 11a and 3p. Please call to request delivery if it’s available.

Q. What is the price for delivery?

A. The cost to deliver the cars is as follows: Eastern $50 (St. Georges, Hamilton, Smiths) Central $75 (Devonshire, Pembroke, Paget) Western $100 (Warwick, Southampton, Sandys)

Q. Are you located in any other location?

A. Currently, we are only located in St. Georges.